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Cerebral white matter abnormalities in patients with charcot-marie-tooth disease


Here, we report the structural evidence of cerebral white matter abnormalities in Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) patients and the relationship between these abnormalities and clinical disability. Brain diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) was performed in CMT patients with demyelinating (CMT1A/CMT1E), axonal (CMT2A/CMT2E), or intermediate (CMTX1/DI-CMT) peripheral neuropathy. Although all patients had normal brain magnetic resonance imaging, all genetic subgroups except CMT1A had abnormal DTI findings indicative of significant cerebral white matter abnormalities: decreased fractional anisotropy and axial diffusivity, and increased radial diffusivity. DTI abnormalities were correlated with clinical disability, suggesting that there is comorbidity of central nervous system damage with peripheral neuropathy in CMT patients. ANN NEUROL 2017;81:147–151

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